Sunrise Studios Coral pink Instant Scallops fabric 41" x 44" panel by Holly Holderman for Lakehouse DryGoods Fabrics


Designer Holly Holderman for Lakehouse Dry Goods Fabrics has designed this stunning Instant Scallops fabric panels. Each Panel measures 41" x 44", you get 4 scallop rows and some Corner pieces and a solid coral pink stripe. You can do a lot with these instant scallops, see pics. This is my last bolt of this print, it is no longer available from the manufacturer.

Colorway: Coral Pink
100% Cotton
44" regular cotton weight

Quilt shop quality = 60 threads per one inch. Quilt shop quality has better image quality and has a finer feel to the fabric. Discount fabric can sometimes feel stiff or board-like which means it has little or no finishing at the factory. If you are working on a quilt you want to last forever, use quilt shop quality fabrics which will last the longest.

This will ship Priority Mail in the USA

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